Food Policy Council
Good, affordable, healthy food for all!

Together we can build a better food system!

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council exists to advocate for policies that build a sustainable, equitable and healthy local food system. The goals of our council are to enhance the health of our citizens, strengthen local economies and market opportunities, and reduce hunger and food insecurity.

To achieve these goals, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council connects local and state organizations involved in food systems work and educates community members about the importance of healthy, fair, and sustainable local food.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council exists to address local food issues primarily through advocacy and education. Our local and national food system is broken in many ways but, through the work of food policy councils like ours, change is underway. 

Our mission is to strengthen our community by:

  • Serving as a forum for discussing food issues
  • Building relationships in the food system
  • Educating, advocating for, and communicating policy issues
  • Acting as a primary information source for food related issues